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Handmade soap stack

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Our soaps are handcrafted from scratch in small batches, using the cold process method and cured for two months. We only use natural, organic ingredients and the finest pure essential oil (no synthetic fragrance oils).
We color our soap naturally by using clays, botanicals and seeds (no artificial colorants, pigments, micas, or dioxide).

Please Note: Handcrafted soap will last longer if you use a draining soap dish or a soap saver. Always keep it dry between uses and away from direct streams of water.

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These Soap Ends Stack is a great way to try out our soaps, and they’re also a perfect size for traveling or camping.

Each stack is different from one another, with different shapes, sizes and scents. It contains an assorted mixed set of 4 thin soaps (the end cuts of the batch).
Approx Weight 6.0 oz. for each stack.


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