Acceptnow Rental Agreement

Communication between you and CONTRACTOR uses electronic means, whether you visit the review system or send CONTRACTOR emails, or the contractor publishes communications via the review system or communication with you via mobile notification or email. For contractual purposes, you agree (1) to receive communications from CONTRACTOR in electronic form; and (2) agree that all conditions, agreements, communications, communications, communications, communications and other communications that CONTRACTOR makes available to you electronically meet all the legal requirements that such communications would be compliant if they were made in writing. It will preside over your legal rights without prejudice. This agreement, as well as the confidentiality policy, constitutes the complete and exclusive agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this Agreement and replaces all previous or simultaneous written or oral agreements or agreements regarding their purpose. Any provision for waiver, amendment or modification of this agreement only has effect if it is signed in writing and by a duly accredited representative of each party. « I was offered the same 90 days as a cash option (they just told me to « suck » the payment of the full term of the agreement, and then asked me, « You`re not a sucker, are you? »). to pay for a sofa and a loveseat worth $1,500. After 90 days, I had paid almost $2,000.00 to TRS, and yet they insisted that I owed a balance. But reluctantly, I accepted that the work was released shortly thereafter. I was lucky enough to find another job, and I asked TRS to allow me to make my payment a week late. A week. That`s all.

The day after my « final » payment, I received calls from TRS employees requesting payment. At one point, they called me every 60 seconds for exactly two hours at work. They came to my job and asked my new boss to keep my check amount. Later, on the first day, thay actually called my work and said they came from a site to which my work computer had accessed. When I got home the first night, I found the word « dead-beat » painted with a spray n my door. Literally sprayed on my door. If two or more provisions of this Contract or any other agreement you have with CONTRACTOR are considered incompatible with the other`s activity, CONTRACTOR has the exclusive right to choose the provision that remains in effect. 6. You say that you technically « rent » the product, but this is only one way to circumvent the abusive laws of leases in most countries. They found a loophole and exploited it. We are not a « credit » or a « financing. » We offer a flexible leasing program that allows the customer to get the desired product and « pay as it works. » Instead of making a promise of credit for the total purchase price and interest, as they would for a credit sale, our customers simply make rental payments on a schedule that matches their budget while they take advantage of the product. They are not obliged to acquire property, but they still have the opportunity to do so. They have the flexibility to make simple payments until they make this decision or for the full duration of the contract, without the burden of paying the full purchase price, and if they choose to own it prematurely, they can save money.

This is another check if the applicant tenant is directly with you. Do his previous addresses of his rental application correspond to what is written in the credit report? The addresses of his credit report are recorded in the postal file when there is a change of address or when the applicant updates his address with his creditors, so that all addresses listed in the credit report must be considered legal. These terms of agreement are an agreement (« agreement ») between 6×6 Conception, LLC (« CONTRACTOR »), the owner and operator of and websites and all related services offered (together the « Review SYSTEM ») and you (« you, » « your » or « user »), a user of the review system.