Tenancy Agreement Singapore Template

A rental agreement describes your rights and obligations as a landlord or tenant. The most important thing is that it helps you to be proactive in case of frequent problems between landlords and tenants. Now the Digitalized Property Transactions Workgroup has developed standard rental models for HDB and private residential apartments that you can use! As a general rule, landlords are responsible for providing their tenants with a safe and comfortable environment. You must ensure that the dwelling complies with all building rules and regulations. In some cases, this may mean improving the energy efficiency of the building or ensuring the accessibility of emergency exits. The rental agreement may also provide regular food care, which the lessor takes care of. Use the LawDepot model to create a standard housing lease. Just enter your information in the questionnaire. Print or download your legally binding lease or download it. She is also currently working on model contracting models for the resale of private residential real estate. Tenants should also try to keep the property in the state they first moved in. A tenant must not keep or smoke pets on the property if the rental agreement prohibits it.

Nor should they cause property damage. If the tenant causes damage, he is responsible for the repair. A violation of the conditions of non-dissolution may be the cause of the expulsion. These models have been developed in consultation with regulators, the Singapore Consumers Association and professional associations and practitioners who, according to experience, work in the rental process. The models offer a common standard that is fair to all parties: Thus, a lease sets rules for real estate, as for example. B the amount of rent and when it should be paid. If the tenant violates these rules and the landlord has physical reasons, the landlord may have the right to dislodge a tenant. A rental agreement also specifies who is responsible for certain damages and repairs. If a tenant causes damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear, the landlord can use the security deposit to cover the costs. In addition, the owner should ensure that his leased property remains in an acceptable state of life.

Z.B. Use the « Additional Clauses » section of the model to include terms that indicate what the next steps are if: One way to get a balance would be to cross-reference the clauses of the CEA model with what you currently have for your property and understand why there are different meaning clauses. Sometimes it`s just formulated differently. Your residential tenancy agreement clearly outlines the responsibilities of the tenant and landlord. Once the contract is signed, you are legally bound by your obligations as a tenant or landlord.