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All information about IPL players collected from trusted sources. Virat Kohli, who is owned by royal Challengers Bangalore, gets the highest contract with a salary of 2.4 million $US during the season. Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni retained their contract with a value of $2.1 million. 1.3 Captain1.3.1 If the captain is not available at any time, a substitute acts for him.1.3.2 If a captain is not available to designate the players, anyone connected to that team may act as his substitute. See clause At any time after the players are appointed, only an appointed player can act as a substitute for the performance of the captain`s duties and responsibilities in accordance with these playing conditions, including during the first leg. See paragraph 13.4 (The Toss).1.4 Captains` responsibility Captains are responsible at all times for the organization of the game in the Spirit of Cricket and in these playing conditions. The salaries of IPL 2020 players will not exceed the limit set by the organizers and BCCI in tournament format. Some players who remain unsold in the draft have subsequently signed new contracts with the team to replace players who are not suitable for the tournament. In the Indian Premier League, players are auctioned to different teams and their salaries depend on the amount of the auction. But who pays them, the IPL administration pays them or the team owners pay them? « player contract, » the form of the agreement, as defined in Schedule 1; Of the eight franchises, the Bangalore Royal Challengers (12) released the highest number of players, while Sunrisers Hyderabad (5) dismissed the fewest players on their team.

1.2 Player Nomination and Replacement1.2.1 Each captain names 11 players, plus a maximum of 4 replacement field players in writing to the IPL Match Referee prior to the first leg. No player (member of the end-of-game elf) may be changed after the appointment without the agreement of the opposing captain.1.2.2 Only players appointed as substitute field players are entitled: to be a player (subject to paragraph 1.2.6), unless the IPL Match Referee authorizes post-release additions in exceptional cases.1.2.3 All nominees , including those designated as replacement field players, must have the right to play for this team and have been included in the team registered by players 1.2.4 In addition, the nominees are deemed authorized by their appointment, complying with all applicable ipl rules, and in particular, the regulations on clothing and equipment, the code of conduct of players and team officials (hereafter referred to as code of ethics ipl) , the anti-racism code ipl for players and team leaders, the BCCI anti-doping code and the BCCI anti-corruption code for participants.1.2.5 Each team may not be more than 4 foreign players (as in the rules of the IPL for players. defines) in its starting elf for each game.1.2.6 A team must have no more than 4 overseas players on the field. at any time during a match.