Free Shareholder Agreement Template South Africa

(b) in the event that shareholders accept the issuance of additional shares or securities that may be converted into shares, any shareholder has the right to acquire the securities offered at a later date in relation to his respective shares in the company at the time of that offer. 8.4. All repayments of the company to shareholders are made in proportion to their respective credit accounts, but to the extent that a shareholder`s loan account exceeds its proportionate share on the basis of its shareholding in the company, that surplus is repaid in the first place. PandaTip: Change based on the number of shareholders; Sometimes there are only two. 9. If the company reasonably finds that a proposed acquirer cannot be considered a shareholder in a company in Sub-Chapter S or that such a transfer would cause the Corporation to lose its corporate characterization of Sub-Chapter S, the company may inform the shareholder of that decision and, therefore, prohibit the closing of the assignment. However, there is nothing in this paragraph to interfere with the rights of the company and shareholders under this agreement. CET ACCORD, dated [ACCORD DATE] is concluded between the following persons, who constitute all the current shareholders of [CORPORATION] (« Corporation »): this version is designed for a situation in which a single shareholder controls the company`s business. The introduction of minority shareholders is planned, but control of the company remains on the part of the majority shareholder 11.2. Any notification or notification required or admissible for the purposes of this Agreement is valid only if it is written, but it is authorized to communicate it by fax or email. 10.6. Shareholders declare dividends and obtain payment within 30 days of the Company`s financial statements.

10.1. Shareholders have the power to declare dividends or other payments to shareholders. b) Any transferee of limited shares transferred pursuant to the provisions of this agreement is considered a shareholder and is bound by all the provisions of this agreement. Any alleged or attempted assignment of limited shares that do not comply with the provisions of this agreement is invalid and the alleged purchaser is not considered a shareholder of the company and is not permitted to receive a certificate of shares or dividends or other distributions on or in relation to these limited shares. For the purposes of this agreement, an alleged transfer of shares, which results in these shares being subject to an option under paragraph 4, is not considered to be in accordance with the provisions of this agreement until after the expiry of this option. 13.3. Full agreement. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and the present and replaces and merges all previous negotiations, agreements and agreements, orally or written, relating to its purpose. We offer a contract area to our customers more than just a shareholder pact model. The shareholders` pact is an important document that must cover all important bases. The use of a model for shareholder agreements is dangerous.

Contractzone`s shareholder pact is developed by a team of experienced lawyers. If you need something in particular included in your shareholder contract, our team is at your disposal. 1. When a business is managed through a company, there are usually two or more shareholders, all of whom are active in the company, who wish to have a say on .B board and must be protected from certain decisions made by a majority, such as the change of business, the sale of business relationships, the declaration of dividends , pawning assets, changing the structure of the business, guaranteeing, etc.; The document also contains provisions relating to the transfer of shares by majority shareholders to several other shareholders who, together, own more than alone.