Ceps Framework Agreement

EU institutions enter into a number of framework contracts (CFBs) with external contractors for specific services that are regularly needed. These are generally large-scale multi-year contracts, focusing on specific areas or methods. CEPS has extensive experience in providing advisory services to the European Commission, the European Parliament and other European institutions through CCA. Over the past three years, CEPS has completed approximately 60 specific projects through FWCs and has worked with high-level partners on larger contracts. We are currently involved in more than 30 FWKs, 15 of which are led by a CEPS research team. In France, prices and refundable questions are determined by two separate public bodies: the HAS, which assesses the refundable status and the amount of reimbursement of the drug (based on its medical service rendered (SMR) and the improvement of the Medical Service rendered (ASMR) and the CEPS for the determination of the price. Once the HAS Transparency Committee has given its opinion on a proposed SMR and a proposed ASMR for the product, the CEPS (an inter-ministerial organisation under the joint authority of the Ministry of Health and Social Security and the Ministry of Economy) proposes a refund price with the holder of the rights to the product and negotiates it , resulting in a specific agreement between the two. Framework agreement between CEPS and LEEM In 2018, an agreement has been reached between the CEPS – Economic Committee of Products … A price framework agreement between the Economic Committee of Health Products (CEPS) and the French Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (The Medicines Companies: LEEM) has already been renewed twice. Terms of the three-year contract were originally scheduled to expire on December 31, 2018. The two sides then agreed to a one-year extension until December 31, 2019, as negotiations continued.

A second extension was adopted in December 2019 with the mutual agreement of LEEM and CEPS, with the extension period due to expire in July 2020. For its part, a four-year price reduction agreement between the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA), the Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland, is in effect until July 2020. After that date, all contractual obligations are extinguished, unless they are pursued by mutual agreement between the parties who have given themselves in advance. The rules on the prices of reimbursed medicines are included in the French Social Security Code (SSC) and supplemented by an agreement entitled Framework Agreement (framework agreement) between CEPS and an organisation representing drug manufacturers (the « Leem ») as well as the HAS and CEPS doctrines.