Bluetooth Sig Agreement

« Bluetooth GIS does not require members to use the brand on products using Bluetooth technology, but if the brand is used, it can only be used by a member of Bluetooth GIS and for a properly declared product. » Source: Bluetooth technology allows information to be exchanged between wireless devices such as PDAs, laptops, computers, printers and digital cameras via a secure, inexpensive and globally available short-frequency band. Originally developed by Ericsson, Bluetooth technology is now used in many different products by many different manufacturers. These manufacturers must be associate members or promoters of Bluetooth GIS (see below) before having earlier access to Bluetooth specifications, but the published Bluetooth specifications are available online via the Bluetooth SIG website A design qualified according to the Bluetooth qualification process and which, as such, meets the definition of a compliant party in accordance with Bluetooth licensing agreements. Qualified design can be used in a range of Bluetooth products. There are two steps that members must take to complete the compliance program: qualification and reporting. By completing these steps, members will prove and explain their product compliance with the requirements and conditions of membership agreements. Members can update their offerings at any time, including adding new products to their product list. The main purpose of bluetooth SIG is to help members ensure that all Bluetooth products are properly qualified and comply with Bluetooth licensing agreements.

The Bluetooth compliance program consists of two steps that bluetooth GIS members must complete – the qualification and reporting process. What happens if the logo is not used in marketing materials, with the exception of text mentions, for example.B. « Technical requirements: Bluetooth 4.0-enabled phone »? The Compliance Impose mentions the use of the word « Bluetooth » as part of the brand. « The Bluetooth® brands – logos and the word « Bluetooth » are the property of Bluetooth GIS. » Source: Check the agreements listed below before applying for membership If you have any questions about membership contracts, please take action. The previous version was adopted in 2014 by the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors, called Bluetooth Core Specification v4.x. This core specification version introduces new features for Low Energy Bluetooth wireless technology. The latest versions of Bluetooth test specifications and other test documentation can be accessed on the test requirements page on