Aurora Public Schools Master Agreement

We have listed the 59 schools and their contact information managed by Aurora Public Schools in the list below. For more information about each school, click on the school link. Without the new payroll plan, Simpleman would earn $47,500 next year. With the changes, her salary would be increased to 49,180 $US and up to 61,280 $US if she obtained her master`s degree in three years. The union will vote on the entire proposal, as will the school board, and the district and union bargaining teams must draw up an agreement before the end of the year. For example, a fifth-year teacher with a master`s degree would earn about $3,400 more per year. Young and moderately experienced teachers would earn more for a few years than other school districts in metropolitan areas, including schools near Cherry Creek. Still, Stewart said he couldn`t wait for more promised money on the street if he took on more debt for a master`s degree and still worked for many years in the district. The table below shows the average salary of teachers provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for Denver-Aurora-Broomfield and its surroundings. There may be large differences in pay due to experience or level of education. For example, a teacher with a master`s degree in training may earn more than an entry teacher. Teachers` unions, including the AEA, have opposed the idea of paying teachers more to fill certain positions rather than putting more money in the pockets of all district school teachers. As part of the district`s efforts to address the high turnover of teachers, APS launched a pilot program last year that offers scholarships to employees who often occupy the owner, but also to language pathologists, therapists, school psychologists and nurses who work in the district and its schools.

These employees were entitled to grants of BETWEEN US$2,500 and US$3,000. District officials, employees and union members of the Aurora Education Association contributed to the development of the plan presented Tuesday night to the GSP School Board. If the proposal were adopted, it would be the first major change to the so-called borough`s salary plan in about half a century, officials said. All 2,400 employees defined as teachers – mental health staff, service providers and classroom teachers – would be affected. The boundaries of Aurora Public Schools and surrounding areas are shown in the map below. About 500 district employees could see a one-time grant of $5,000 per year to fill science and math positions in college and high school, which have experienced a shortage of teachers. Mental health, social workers and language pathologists would also be eligible. The total number of teachers employed in Aurora Public Schools by class classification is shown below. « I certainly don`t have any savings, » she said. Simpleman said that she had not seen the revised payroll plan and had not given notice.