Appen Independent Agent Agreement

If you look at this page: then click on one of the categories, it will guide you Hello, two days ago, I sent a question about signing master services contract sent by appen (from the official address) and referring to two other experiences (Jane and Nesma). I apologize for going too far on the subject, but if you read appen reviews, you probably also read other reviews of working from home. And it`s important to see them through the correct lens of independent contractors/customer relations. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Appen. ???? Is this the right appen site? As an appen independent agent, you have the flexibility to plan your own hours to fit your lifestyle and rework your professional and family needs. You have total freedom to choose when and how much you want to work. Never again will you need to reorganize your personal activities to adapt a rigid worktop. For each day, you can work more or less time. You`re in control.

A lawyer could incriminate his client for emails, phone calls, etc. But as an independent contractor working for Appen, I don`t think you can charge them for email communication. Some jobs might be well paid and some jobs not, but this is the life of an independent contractor and over time you will filter out the bad ones and continue to work with the good ones. However, as an independent contractor, I would be wary of such an offer. 1. You work with Appen as an independent agent. To apply for this position, please visit An independent Appen agent is an independent contractor who creates and manages his own business. Appen independent agents enter into a contract with Appen to provide search notices for appen customers. I also spoke directly with Appen to confirm the site, is also theirs and it is also legitimate. Good morning, Jay. Thank you for your response.

Can you give me the right appen web address to apply for home work. I`m in India. I saw a social media post online yesterday to say work from home with appen. 10:27 p.m. I was asked for more information. That is what I did. The lady asked me if I had google Hangouts to do an interview with the recruitment manager. She said she would give him my information for the interview. Within minutes, I had a request. So we preceded the interview.

He asked me all the normal questions. I answered. He told me about the position and asked if it was something I was interested in. Of course I said yes. So he told me to stay online while he received HR`s agreement. I waited about 10 minutes, then he came back online and said they decided to offer me the job based on my experience. He said all the equipment would be delivered. Apple PC, printer, rolling machine, iPhone, fax, scanner.

He said that all the software had to be bought itself, but they would send me the money in advance. I was already skeptical I had searched this guy`s name on LinkedIn and he said he was the CEO of Appen. Which CEO does the interviews for a work from home? But again, I need a job, so I always communicate with this guy. Then he tells me that the company also helps its employees build loans by paying off their debts or by cleaning up bad loans. I prayed in secret that this would be legitimate.