Burial Agreement

445.125 (3m) (b) 1.1. A licensed burial director, a funeral facility operator, a representative of a licensed burial director or, subject to paragraph (c), a representative of a funeral facility operator, may sell or apply for a funeral contract funded by the proceeds of life insurance if all the following points are in effect: the first four items with a total value of $1,850 are funeral premises. We believe that $1500 of this amount is irrevocable and that the remaining $350 is revocable, but excluded. 445.125 (1) (a)1.1. Unless provided for at point (3m), when a person designated as a depositor in this subsection enters into an agreement with another person to sell or offer funeral or funeral items or services designated as beneficiaries in this subsection, for the purchase of a coffin, outdoor burial containers that are not used in the excavation of a grave, a combination of external or other burial containers, not described in point 4 b), for burial or other human disposition, or for the provision of funeral or funeral services intended either for the final provision of a person`s body, and all payments made under the agreement, including interest and dividends, are and remain at stake. , including interest and dividends, until the death of the potential fraudster, unless the funds are released upon request to the applicant, after written notification to the beneficiary. Neuentwicklung und Documenta-Vertrag, if previous developments have shown that staggered payments may affect the applicability of spatial credits/exclusions or include funeral funds (revocable or irrevocable). To comply with Medicaid, i.e. a funeral agent is not counted as an asset for eligibility purposes, the Trust must be irrevocable. In other words, the trust`s funds cannot be repaid or terminated or modified.

In the case of Medicaid, the funds for this type of burial floor no longer belong to the applicant. Once the Medicaid recipient is dead, the funds are used for funerals, memorials, funerals and other terminal fees. A funeral funded by life insurance (LIFB) includes a person who buys life insurance on his own life.