Camden Council Enterprise Agreement

If you are a business tenant at a Camden property and would like to tell us about your rental, you can go to 020 7974 6459 or email Camden Council, current information, advice and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19), if possible, we are looking to pay eligible companies pro-active without application procedure, using data already held by the Council. We went directly to these companies to confirm eligibility and all proactive payments were made. If your company did not receive a payment by Thursday, November 26 and you meet the criteria, please complete an application with Separate applications may be required for each commercial property. Camden launched a tender for the provision of real estate insurance, resulting in a long-term contract. We discussed the proposal with the tenants. The current contract with Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Broker Ltd expires on March 31, 2023. Camden Council has reached a long-term agreement on electricity supply. The service is the supply of electricity to the common areas, for example, .B lighting and elevators in the residential areas of Camden in the Borough Quarter of Camden of London via Non Half Hourly Meters. These are electricity meters that do not automatically license consumption every half hour.

The profile class of these counters is 01-04 (quarterly). Due to the nature of the energy market, the City Council was unable to meet all consultation requirements and requested an exemption from the First Tier Tribunal. The easiest way to find the next schools, council services, your city councillors, parking lots and more. For more information on the Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed) for the November block, see The Council`s Local Restrictions Sector Grant (Open) program is now available for applications to This is an agreement with a contractor, goods or services lasting more than 12 months. If tenants have to pay more than 100 $US a year, we need to consult them. For example, a QLTA is real estate insurance, ground maintenance, elevator and door maintenance contracts. This section defines the subsidies granted to companies that are affected by various restrictions. The business scholarship application form is available at 2. They will commit to working with the Council on projects related to the inclusive economy and sustainability of such employment initiatives that once again help local people get to work – Agreement to take care of monitoring and evaluation activities to measure the impact of the Fund – The signing of the declaration below confirms this commitment. You can sign up for our Camden Business newsletter to receive the latest announcements and this website will be updated with the latest information.

If you have any further questions about financial support packages, please contact us To help you define your S106 requirements, the Council has prepared the following pro-Formas. Filling out your submission to these forms will improve our response time: For more information on how we can engage, We are committed to supporting local small and medium-sized businesses as well as voluntary and local organizations to enable them to launch tenders for public and private procurement.